Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow

HYLO’s signature Flow class is designed to guide your body mindfully & intelligently into a flow-like state. Through our signature sequencing, we introduce creative & repetitive movements that take your body to a deeper level every round, & your mind one step closer to a moving mediation. This style will build your practice step by step, often incorporating strengthening drills & techniques, traditional Sun Salutations, balancing postures, heart openers & your fair share of vinyasas.

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Vinyasa Flow
  • Hips + Balance | Kate Moon

    Flow with Mandy as Kate Moon guides you through a 40 minute vinyasa style flow concentration on adduction of the thighs and eclectic balancing postures! Keep your ears and eyes open for fresh, new movements!

  • Legs + Core | Sam Goodman

    Join Sam & Julia for a 25 minute, playful mandala flow, focused on core strengthening and hamstring lengthening. A mandala flows means we will be making a circle on the mat! If you have blocks, Sam suggests you leave one at the front and one at the back of your mat. Be ready to find your breath a...

  • Funky Flow | Kate Moon

    Kate Moon instructs Sam and Sarah side by side in this funky 50 minute vinyasa flow working towards diverse big toe holds, a unique entry into dancer pose, and energizing strength drills. Sam and Sarah work to provide different variations and levels of practice as they demonstrate suggested postu...

  • Leg + Core | Kate Moon

    Get funky with Kate Moon and work your legs and core.

  • Balance + Twist | Kate Moon

    Join Kate and Julia for a full body flow with balancing, twisting, and a sprinkling of core work! Be ready for a dynamic flow that will allow you to quickly drop into a meditative flow state.