Slow Flow

Slow Flow

HYLO’s signature Slow Flow is an all levels accessible class intended to center and ground. Expect a vinyasa style sequence slowed down to allow deeper access into postures and alignment. Great for beginners but still as challenging as you want to make it. This class will allow you to slow down your physical practice to deepen into a meditative flow state.

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Slow Flow
  • Hip Openers | Mandy Baughman

    Flow with Kate as Mandy guides you through a grounding slow flow, allowing you to slow your body and commit to your breath. In this 25 minute flow, Mandy leads you through deep lunges and forward folds, focusing on hamstring and hip openers for the ultimate body release.

  • Slow to Still | Sam Goodman

    Join Sam for a hip opening and grounding practice. We'll begin with some calming breath work before moving through a slow, grounding flow. Followed by the Yin portion of class, allowing the body and mind to ease into a peaceful stillness.