HY 10

HY 10

Feel the HY with a quick 10 minute workout!

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HY 10
  • Core + Cardio EMOM

    Keep up with Coach Brittany while you crush your core and torch calories in this Every Minute On the Minute style workout. No equipment required!

    10 Sit Ups – High Knees
    20 Dead Bugs – Wacky Jacks
    30 Russian Twists – Burpees
    40 Heel Taps – Plank Jack Shoulder Taps
    50 Flutter Kicks –...

  • Race the Coach!

    Race Coach Cory through a quick 10 minute workout while pushing to get AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE! No equipment required!

    10 Triceps Push-ups
    20 Half Burpees
    30 Alternating V-Ups
    40 Hacky Sacks